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“The Tragedy of playing political characters is that our Mega Heroes don’t know how to act them”

Dekho, Dekho, (Look), Look at me, I came to question as I promised and I care for miseries of Seemandhra people. On these lines, thus spoke Pawan at Tirupati, for now.

Rest would be known after the break or he sounded so.

Of course, the ‘Power Star’, the moniker Pawan Kalyan, the Chief of “God knows” where it exists “Jana Sena”, goes by, had not openly expressed himself in precisely these words, but nothing encapsulates the sequel of the political drama that he began at Tirupati, better than that breathless statement his fans could almost hear them making in their heads as they watched him at his oratorical best.

Telugu movie audiences, of all age groups, have grown up watching a hero single handedly beat scores of villains. This formula is so old that it evokes, without skilful subversion, nothing but boredom.

So, therefore, Pawan’s latest sequel to his real life political drama launched at Tirupati gives a fairly a new spin to it, as here, the political hero, till the other day was playing a “side-kick” to his now presumed “opponents”(CBN and Modi), had announced himself to play main opponent to them.

But even that, on the surface, looks like a minor consolation, for this change of character feels like another political ploy, tempting the voters to witness the political drama unfolding, without any meaning or context.

Which is why Pawan’s political sequel, unfolded in Tirupati, is a not a surprising change or an unexpected political development, for its protagonist, had known for his perpetual confusion over his own role in politics so far.

It’s just another scene, another location with different dialogues for same old political narrative that he unfolded at the launch of Jana Sena with a mystifying ideology called “Pawanism”.

And as such, all his shenanigans like dramatic gestures, tantrums and forced smiles he showcased at Tirupati, did not signal anything new to anyone, except that he was enacting what he was told to act, the usual actor that he was performing for a remuneration.

For his fans, the power star was back with his first major political production after a gap of over two years, whose narrative, given by his rhetoric, seems will revolve around his taking on CBN and Modi for failing to keep their promises, with whom he was seen in ‘yeh dosti hum nahi chodenge’ mode, not very long ago.

Before he made his re-appearance of political stage, the questions like where he was all these days and what prompted him to launch the political sequel.

At the end of the confused drama at Tirupati, people were left wondering the about the credit role.

The question on who exactly is directing Pawan Kalyan remains. Or where he is positioning himself in the complex multi-party political theatre of Andhra Pradesh.

And the fact that he did not attack CBN by name, left everyone very perplexed and in doubts whether the Pawan, the actor to the core and politician by default is just playing his role as directed by someone.

The case of Pawan Kalyan entering the political arena is far from “a depressive, frustrated, eccentric man’s story” or “a case of another famous star trying to exploit his name and fame” in the political space created as is being propagated by his rivals.

Instead, so called ‘Pawanism’ is a “deftly and subtly scripted political plot” of how the Power star of Tollywood signed for a role change to play a full and perpetual side-kick to the main protagonists of Andhra politics.

The fact is that Pawan Kalyan, who scripted a pseudo and a baffling ideology called ‘Pawanism” with high-moral grounds is now reduced to play a side-kick character that is engaged in a decimating cold war. It has been asked to shed its Che Guevara mask and wear saffron/yellow pro-crony capitalist mask to support those who practice anti-thesis of his own pseudo ideology.

Given his oscillation from “what to do” to “Now I will act”, and in the process going nowhere, clearly, Pawan Kalyan has no agenda whatsoever in announcing his second coming on to the political scenario.

His chips are down. His movie flopped.

Thus, his self-announced “Role reversal” from being “side-kick” to CBN and Modi, to champion the cause of despondent people of Andhra is more a move that meets the eye.

He is being asked to play a character that neutralises the voices that are causing embarrassment to both CBN and Modi over special category issue.

His whole dialogue baazi at Tirupati seemed hackneyed. In asserting that he would be there to question on injustice to Andhra, he wrote himself off that he was no power to reckon with to compete with either CBN or Modi.

He swore in full public glare that he would only play second fiddle to someone who is powerful and influential.

Pawan exemplifies a trend of pretend saviour that threatens to harm a crucial cause and is perhaps even more dangerous than open betrayals in politics.

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