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“Stab the body and it heals, but hurt the sentiments and the wound lasts a lifetime.”

“Tu maan ya na maan, ab ye waqt waqt ki baat hai; aaj ban gaya hoon khud sawal, kabhi har sawal ka jawab tha” (whether you agree or not, it’s a matter of time, today I myself became a question, who once was the answer to every question).

In the present scenario of center’s volte face on Special category status (SCS) CBN could find resonance in the appropriateness of these words.

Till recently, CBN was thundering that he and only he was the sole leader who can influence the BJP led Union Government to accede the promise of according SCS to the state, a rhetoric which turned out to be much ado about nothing.

And with the center letting down all the hopes of despondent people of Andhra by saying a categorical “No” to the SCS, for CBN things began to fall apart.

The expected, but sudden turn of events on SCS, have made CBN’s Three Cs – “Credibility, Commitment and Character”, which he and his party leaders keep boasting about, to place themselves on a moral high ground, an object of mockery.

His “Me the Messiah” of Andhra miseries suddenly developed crashing signs.. Thanks to center’s categorical denial to grant SCS, which CBN with Modi in cahoots made major electoral plank not very long back, for it to be erased from people’s memories.

What next for CBN? How will he prevail upon the people on the failure of getting the SCS to the state as promised by him?

Apologize, apologize sincerely, and start afresh. This is the way to go if CBN wants to redeem himself.

Of course, this depends on whether he thinks he needs redemption.

However, now that the BJP has made clear its intentions very clear in going back on its promise, which has been in free fall in public perception, he should take serious note.

With the blatant U-turn by the BJP, his ally in deception, too much damage has been done to his image and to that of his party and he cannot allow matters to drift anymore.

An attempt to brazen it out under the guise of “Special Package is better than SCS” theatrics and any such empty rhetoric will drag him deeper into the bottomless pit.

The BJP led Centre has unashamedly and in a bizarre way made it clear that it has no intention to grant special status to Andhra Pradesh, and CBN appeared no qualms and complaints.

Surprisingly, the Centre could not even come out with any reasonable plan of assistance to the State. Barring cosmetic additions, the Centre has only confined to the implementation of the act itself, which is anyhow a constitutional mandate.

The unprecedented political spectacle enacted till late in the night to tell the people that they have no shame to go back on their promise of granting SCS, was in line with CBN’s usual theatrics of event management and is an exercise in evasion.

Finally, the BJP in cahoots with CBN indulged in travesty of justice to the people of Andhra Pradesh hurt by the bifurcation of the State against their wishes.

The issue would now remain perpetual like Ravan’s pyre.

The political shenanigans of both CBN and BJP’s empty rhetoric on special package will be met with political implications.

Despite the size of the mess in which CBN finds himself, he can still revive himself. There are people, lakhs of TDP faithful in particular, who still watch him with high expectation.

It’s up to him to take a call whether to make amends. It can all begin with an apology and a firm decision to expose the manifestations of BJP in playing with the sentiments of people who put their destiny into his hands.

Will CBN realize the predicament he is in, it’s a conjecture of the time.

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