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“Bend so as not to be broken. Let no opportunism guide your actions”

In the just released Bollywood Movie “Freaky Ali”, Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays an “Undergarment seller”, wherein, he possessed a glib and a practiced sales pitch but it does not effectively translate into a successful trade, as a result of which he gets sacked.

Like, the hero in the film, Pawan Kalyan too has the glib and practiced oratorical pitch (by virtue of being a professional film actor), but, somehow, he appears to have no knack to effectively translate that trait into becoming successful politician and ends up sending signals that he still is a “Sidekick” to the “sponsors” that are directing him to play the latest role of “Me the Saviour” of AP people role.

Though, his second coming on to the political stage was not very long ago, there seemed to have much happened behind the scenes and much editing was done to his political narrative since his Tirupati act to till today’s Kakinada performance.

All the intensity he generated and the hype that he created at Tirupati were somehow vanished into thin air by the time he said to have “roared” at Kakinada.

There seems to be a lot of difference between the Tirupati Character and the one enacted at Kakinada.

If the Tirupati act had the adrenaline of his fans pumping, the Kakinada one seemed to have doused the enthusiasm with no logic and purpose.

His fans as well as the entire people of AP had waited with abated breath that he would sound the war bugle, since the BJP led Central government had made its intentions clear on SCS.

But, to the surprise of everybody including his fans he declared that he was not there to stir emotions and not call for bandhs and road blockades or undertake a movement to demand SCS.

He either appeared so naïve or thought the people are immature when he said it was for the political leaders to fight and not the people.

In a nutshell, after a few histrionics of spending a large part of his utterances on Telangana and on bizarre way the state was bisected, he clarified that in totality he has no programme to start a movement demanding the Special Category status as of now.

He made it very clear that he would only fight when all the political parties fail in their fight and raise their hands in fatigue. God knows when these parties would throw into their towels and when he would start his fight.

What is the strategy behind his refusal to start a movement even after it was clarified that the Union government was not going to accord SCS that only he and his masters can answer.

Instead of exposing the duplicity of the TDP on SCS, he wasted lamenting for a better part of his address on Telangana and how the bifurcation hurt him indicating that the whole theatrics at Kakinada are aimed to dilute the intensity of state bandh call jointly given by CPM and YSRCP.

His call to the people to desist from hitting the streets in the name of bandhs and movement is a clear cut message that his Kakinada roar was aimed to water down the intensity of the ire among the people and create an atmosphere to pull his “sponsors” and the “director” out of discomfiture of people’s revolt if any.

The whole act appeared an effort to rescue Chandra Babu Naidu from the cacth 22 situation he was caught in, it was aimed to tell the people there was no need to fight and to come onto the streets for SCS as it was the duty of the politicians to fight the issue.

His is a case of both bending and breaking and opportunism guiding his actions.

And as such, No doubt, this Gabbar fires only rubber bullets only to shield his masters.

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